Today I used VoiceThread for the first time. After a very simple registration process, I opened the link to the shared powerpoint slide. You can see as soon as you sign in that there are comments already made by people from before on the left side of the Voicethread. It was interesting to see that some people made comments on slides with their own voice, while other people commented with a video clip they took of themselves as they spoke. There were even people who simply typed out their comments in text. It was more interesting to see that some of these comments seem to be from a while ago, while some wee from today. It was an array of opinions if many different forms, form different people, and from different times. I think this is a great collaboration and communication tool. For my PLE, it would be great to add alongside Google Docs, since both are similar in term of its ability to allow multiple users to collaborate and make changes. Unlike Google Docs’s Slides, this tool allows comments to be made, permanently and in different formats. This is great for situations where you do not want your information to be edited or tampered with. I think this is a great way to provide feedback, as well as receive feedback.

A great example of its usefulness would be in situations like group presentations at school or at work. Google Docs would be the best tool to create the presentation collaboratively since it is so easy to access and edit. Once the presentation is created, VoiceThread can be used to provide feedback from students in other groups. This would be a great way for students to help each other in making their presentations better. Students can also provide suggestions, feedbacks, thoughts, and discussions on the on content being presented. The same would go for work when putting together a presentation for a business proposal or simply a small change in the office. It is an interactive way to learn because you learn from each other instead of one person simply dictating to the others.

Kang, K. (CC) 2015
Kang, K. (CC) 2015

My comments are added to the Voicethreads here: Voicethread and Voicethread2


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