This week we learned to use the tool SoundCloud, among a few others, to create our podcasts. This was a very interesting process, because I use SoundCloud all the time to listen to music all the time. I have even seen podcasts on the site before, but I never used SoundCloud to listen to anything other than music. Nor have I ever posted anything myself. So, this was an interesting experience, being the one to put out something instead of listening to the things put out by others. I feel that SoundCloud is very powerful and can definitely contribute to our learning activities, because we are able to quickly develop our own podcasts for educational purposes, such as explaining a difficult concept to your classmates/teachers, adding some variety to a presentation, or even to help yourself memorize/store information instead of writing it all down.
I definitely believe that verbal communication and teaching through sound is more powerful than visual learning because it catches and keeps your attention easier and longer. For example, most people, especially of the younger generation, would rather watch a TV show or a documentary over reading a textbook or a novel.

Digital Citizenship (cc) Google Images 2015
Digital Citizenship (cc) Google Images 2015

Finally, here is my first podcast ever.


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