Weekly Report & Reflection #8

In week 8 we learned to use more collaborative tools, as well as continuing to use and collaborate the ones we have already become familiar with. A wiki is a web site that allows any user to become a participant, which means they can create/edit the actual site contents on the site itself.

Just recently, my group and I did our Collaborative Google Docs Group Presentation on Digital Health and Wellness using Google Docs to put all our information together and create our final presentation. This was a helpful tool because we was able to add/change things in our presentation on Google Docs at any time. Unfortunately, that is also a flaw in itself. Because anyone can access the information and edit things at any time, your personal contributions can also be changed or removed without your permission.

The most famous example of a wiki is Wikipedia, an online encyclopedia with no “authors” but millions of contributors and editors. In terms of university assignments and papers, Wikipedia may not be the best place to turn for secondary sources because the information may not always be reliable. Although majority of the information is credible, some people may change or post information that they believe is true but may actually not be. Some people may even post untrue things on purpose. So, although it is a quick and easy source of information, post-secondary institutions will not accept it as a credible source…as far as I have experienced anyway. This makes Wikipedia rather useless in terms of school assignments, but I still use it all time for personal research.

Although I do not usually go out of my way to edit or add information to a wiki, or even use a wiki for that matter, Wikipedia is probably the one website I will always use to get information I need. It is just so useful since it has information on basically every topic you can possibly think of. I definitely still believe that Google Docs is one of the best wiki/collaborative tools to use simply because of the effectiveness of editing my group’s presentation whenever necessary. It made it easy to fix/edit any errors made by other partners, and allowed them to do the same. Personally, I find Evernote too complicated to use. Being in the work force, doing administrative work, I know Google Docs will come in hand especially since I have recently become involved in the staff meetings in which we discuss new ideas and changes to the work place.

And to end off…my feedly article of the week. This week I found an article called What I’m Wearing Now: March. This article is interesting to me because it showed me how quick and how often trends change in the clothing industry. For those that like to keep up with the trends and follow the clothing styles that are “in”, the internet is a great tool to keep up-to-date with it all. Feedly, and other tools just like it, are perfect for people with that interest because it will constantly update you so you will never fall behind.


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