Weekly Report & Reflection #7

This week the topic we focused on was Digital Rights and Responsibilities.  We were required to go through a class activity and add to the discussion in the forum on the digital rights and responsibilities to express which three rights we felt were important for citizens to follow. The three rights that I feel are the most important are: right to express, right to ownership and right to report threats/ improper use. The reason why I think that these rights are the most important is because they are all inter-related in some sense which implies that if one of those rights is not followed then the other two rights will also not be followed.
We also explored some of the features of on-line collaboration tools this week. The purpose of collaborative learning is to help students realize, understand, and analyze the issues with academic learning, which was explained in the article called Institute forWriting & Rhetoric. The reason collaborative learning is so significant is because it encourages classroom learning and teaches the student to use tools and develop skills that will be helpful in future their career. It teaches necessary skills so that students are able to express their own opinion and contribute their ideas in a group setting. This can be quite useful as it can be incorporated in everyday activities through group presentations, collaborative papers and discussion groups.
This week’s lessons have taught me many new things that have increased my knowledge in regards to digital communications and digital literacy. I am now more efficient in sharing my ideas with others using e-mails and the chatting tools in Google. I am able to exchange ideas with my group members, friends, and family by writing comments or using the chat room. I will definitely use Google Doc for the assignments in this course, as well after this course finishes because it is a very organized and accessible tool. It makes it very easy to collect, organize, and share information. Whether it be for a school assignment, work project, or simply something casual between the girls…who wouldn’t want all their thoughts collectively organized?

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