Weekly Report & Reflection #6

This week’s focus was on learning to use Evernote and utilizing it for our group project. Evernote is an amazing tool because you can access your notes right away once you open your web browser, and they automatically save, which is a great feature because if your laptop dies or for whatever reason your browser closes, your information will not be lost and your hard work doesn’t go to waste. Another great feature is that files, photos, and other forms of media or information can be seized from the internet instantly in many different formats such as articles, simplified articles, full pages, bookmarks, and screenshots. In Evernote, you can search key words in the search bar to find something specific if you don’t see it in your notes immediately. And lastly, a very convenient feature of Evernote is that you can download the Evernote app on your Android or iPhone to access, and add to, the information that you already have in your notebooks.

I would add this tool into the Discovery & Collection of Information section of my PLE. Evernote would benefit my education, and my professional life in the future, because I would never lose a source of information or the information that I have already collected.

Kang, K. (CC) 2015.
Kang, K. (CC) 2015.

This week, through Feedly, I discovered an article called The Eisenhower Matrix – a Way to Set Priorities in a Too Demanding World. This article addresses a great way to prioritize your assignments and tasks to establish which ones are more important and/or urgent. It’s quite a helpful tip, so give it a read if you get a chance!


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