Weekly Report & Reflection Post #4

This week we learned what Diigo was and we were required to set up a Diigo online bookmark, as well as use an online curation tool such as Paper.Li to help us gather information for the rest of the course.

Personally, I think learning to use Diigo was very helpful in regards to not only the course, but in general as well because it is a great way to collect and keep track of data. With Diigo, you can take notes and highlight text information on web sites the same way you would if you were writing it down on paper. Then you can also bookmark and save this information for future use, as well as add tags to keep your information organized. You also have the option of sharing this bookmarked information with other people so that they also can access the web page, view your notes and even add their own comments. All of this information can be saved online and can be accessed by any computer, cell phones and any other digital tools. You can also take notes by using a sticky note and you can move it anywhere on the web so that you can access it at any time.

Content curation is perfect for self-directed learning as it is a device for storing knowledge and creating new understanding. It can help a self-directed learner by creating a method of filtering through that new information.


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