Weekly Report & Reflection Post #3

Learning about RSS feeds this week was very useful for me. For someone who thought they were quite up-to-date with technology and the internet, you would figure I would know how to use an RSS feed…or at least what it was. Now, being aware of how to use an RSS feed, I feel I will find myself constantly referring to the RSS I have set up. Not only does it provide me with updates on educational topics, but it also provides me with updates on personal topics that are of interest to me.

Educational posts that relate to my field of study would be very helpful in assisting me in learning more about children, youth, and new arising problems and solutions related to them in a legal, education, and emotional sense. It is always good to keep up-to-date with things that are always going to be apart of your life. For me, it is crucial to know if there has been any change in laws related to children and youth, or the education system, because I plan to be working with children and young adolescents. There was one such article that I read in my feed about children needing to learn how to control their own screen time (in regards to television and the internet). This was a great read for me since this is becoming a growing issue for children of this generation, and articles like this one help people like myself who are looking to work with children how to stray children away from spending all their spare time staring at a screen.

It is also interesting to receive updates from blogs/articles posted by members of the Brock University community because even though I am living at home and finishing school online, I still feel connected and can “stay in the loop”. There was a particular article that caught my attention about the former dean of Brock University helping graduates find jobs. Information like this will be useful to me when I finish this course and graduate as well, because the resources provided by an authority figure such as Marilyn Rose would be┬ávery useful and reliable.

Lastly, I very much enjoy receiving updates on blog/article posts on topics of personal interest to me, such as health and fashion. I have recently been trying to eat healthier and gain more weight and muscle. Posts that share what kind of foods to eat, or what kind of exercises to do, in order to stay healthy and fit are exactly the type of things I would be looking for. It is amazing to have them come to me now. The post on “Seriously Super Cereal” was perfect because I usually skip breakfast, and its hard to get all the nutrients and carbs you need first thing in the morning. This post gives a recipe, and some health tips, on how to add more to your breakfast (particularly cereal) in order to make it healthier and more filling.

In conclusion, I am glad I learned how to set up and use the RSS feed because it has been useful and I know I will continue to use it in the future.


My Experience with RSS Feeds

Learning how to use RSS feeds this week was both confusing and exciting. I did not know how RSS feeds worked, or what they even were. Setting up my own RSS feed is actually quite useful. Instead of looking through multiple sites for news and information of interest, I can constantly receive that information without having to look for it.

The item of interest from my feed reader was an article on College Blender about ways that students can save money. This was interesting because it was realistic and relatable for me, as well as probably almost all other university students. In fact, I have actually already tried/experienced some of the methods mentioned, such as taking on roommates and buying used textbooks. These are the type of blogs/articles I would like to continue receiving updates for because topics related to education and money are very helpful to me as a student.