Weekly Report & Reflection 2

Where I see myself 5-10 years from now is drastically different from where I am now. In five years from now, I’d like to be happily married, living alone with my husband, working a full-time job in the field I am studying now, and have a car that I am proud to be driving (not only because it’s nice, but because I’d have bought it myself). Ten years from now, I envision myself as a mother and wife. I would like to have a business in the field that I was working in, a luxurious car bought with my hard-earned money, and a happy and satisfying life in regards to finances, relationships, and health.These goals are different from the life I am living now because I feel I am not at the age to be married yet, I drive a Pontiac that my parents bought me, I am working part-time in a restaurant, and I do not feel at all accomplished or satisfied with where I stand in my life in terms of finances, relationships, or health.

In order to achieve my goals and get to where I want to be, I will have to study hard to get my degree and work even harder to prove myself in my field of work. To do well in this last course and complete my degree, I will need to utilize all the tools I am familiar with, such as Google and Youtube, as well as adopt new skills and learn to use tools I am still not too familiar with, such as WordPress, Pinterest, Woordle, etc. These skills and tools will help me find new ways of learning and increase my knowledge of the digital world. This knowledge may very well come in handy when I move on to my career. When dealing with children, it is important to communicate effectively with parents so I feel the use of digital tools such as websites and social media would be a great way to not only communicate privately with parents, but also advertise my skills and achievements to gain the trust and business of parents and investors. Proper use of the knowledge and skills that I will acquire from this course will greatly assist me starting and promoting my own business in the future, because the internet is one of the best ways to reach people. Of course, if I am successful in completing my education and doing well in my career then a great financial situation will follow. And who knows, I might even find my future husband through a social media or dating site? After all, that is becoming quite common in today’s generation.

When creating my PLE I realized how many WebTools and internet sites I actually use on a daily basis. I learned that they have ultimately become a part of my life and are a part of how I do things. Whenever I have a question or am curious to know something, my first instinct is to “Google it” or message a friend. When I want to listen to new music, there is no need to buy CDs anymore. I can simply go on YouTube or SoundCloud and listen to whatever I want. We have access to so much information all the time and we do not even notice it because our generation has become so use to having it around. Basically, I learned that I am a digital native, as explained in our textbook reading last week.

Kang, K. (CC) 2015.
Kang, K. (CC) 2015.

From creating the word cloud, I learned that it is not difficult at all for a ‘native digital’ such as myself to get the hang of new tools. It came naturally, I almost did not even have to look at the instructions on Sakai to navigate through Woordle. I was also reminded how much I love pink!

Kang, K. (CC) 2015.
Kang, K. (CC) 2015.

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