So, this is my first blog post ever. Bare with me.

This blog is dedicated to a course called ‘Learning in Digital Contexts’ (ADED 1P93) that I am enrolled in. As a way of exploring new forms of technology/web2 we are asked to create a blog, as well as other profiles on social media/internet sites. This is the first course in which an instructor has asked us to do such assignments, so it definitely new but I like it. I think this will help us all learn in a different way, and open our minds to new possibilities in terms of how we can retrieve information and what kind of information we retrieve.

Before starting this course, I thought I was quite tech-savy. I own an Apple iPhone, a Macbook, an iPod, and so on. I have many social media profiles, most of which I use on a daily basis. Now, I feel as though there is still so much in the digital world that I have yet to discover and conquer.

I guess I’m officially a “blogger” now!

Karan K.


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